Top 10 Things High Performing People Do - Adrian Law

Top 10 Things High Performers Do

 Presented by: Adrian Law

00:27 – 00:49 How Do the Top Performers Do it?

00:50 – 1:56 How They Plan Their Day

01:57 – 03:01 Walk Into Work with a Positive Attitude

03:02 – 04: 11 What is a Personal Desire to Excel and be Their Best?

04:12 – 05:25  What Needs to be Done Today Gets Done Today

05:26 – o7: 32 Make Things Simple (Easy)


00:09 – 00:26 – Opening

Hi, it’s Adrian Law here from the Academy of Positive Change. Today I’ve got something very, very special for you. I ran a presentation last week for a paying client and the topic was that well received I thought it is too good to keep to myself. So much so that I’d like to  share it with you today, the highlights at least.

00:27 – 00:49 – How Do the Top Performers Do it?

The topic is the top ten things that the best performers do on a consistent if not daily basis and today’s video I’m going to give you the first five and the next video it will have the second five. The first five are more about what the top performer do themselves. The second five are more about what they do for their clients.

00:50 – 1:56 – How They Plan Their Day

The first one is quite simple, but they plan their day. This is the best performing people, they plan their day, they have a list of things to do, they prioritize.  But not only do they plan their day, but they also plan the day before. What does that mean? Well, today is Monday, when I’m recording this video, so before Monday’s finished I will have planned tomorrow being Tuesday. That is I would’ve written a list of things that i need to accomplish tomorrow and prioritized the list as well.

Why would I do that? Well, I don’t know about you but sometimes you can take work home, even if it’s mentally. You’re thinking about who you need to call, what you need to do etc. If you’ve already put it on to paper or on your computer, ipad or even phone, then it’s out of your head and often that can minimize, if not completely eliminate taking work home with you.

A second benefit is that you can walk into work the next day feeling fresh, you’re already prepared for the day. You can get on with it immediately, there’s more control; there’s a whole heap of benefits there.

01:57 – 03:01 – Walk Into Work With a Positive Attitude 

This next one is even simpler but a lot of people don’t do this, especially if you’ve been doing what you do for a long time. Number two of the most effective things the top performers do on a consistent basis, is they would walk in to work with a positive attitude. You might have had an argument with your partner at home. Maybe you’ve been stuck in lots of traffic and you’re not feeling the best, or you’re angry or whatever it might be for you. But when you walk into that office or wherever it is that you work, I call it  ‘SHOW TIME’ and show time for me, is time to be on.

You know some of the presentations I’ve given, I’ve done a thousand times if not ten thousand times. When I wake up in the morning, do you think I go “YES! I’m going to run that presentation again today!” You might think yes, but not always. However,  once I arrive at the venue, it’s showtime! And then I give my complete best. Saying good morning to people in the morning, walking in with a smile on your face are some of the things you can do. Having a great attitude is contagious;  is yours on a consistent basis worth catching?

03:02 – 04: 11 – What is a Personal Desire to Excel and be Their Best?

Number three is the top performing people have a personal desire to excel and be their best. This is kind of interesting because it’s not about beating other people. Let’s say I’m one of your work colleagues, it’s not about outperforming Adrian Law, it’s to do with your own personal best. Even in some schools now, they are actually measuring children on what the best is they have previously achieved, rather than saying, well you know these five children that are better than you or faster than you, or smarter than you. I do think it’s quite a good thing to measure individuals on their personal best. I also believe that there’s some fun in being competitive but you don’t want be too competitive against others. There’s nothing better than being competitive with your self.

I remember hearing a quote from Michael Jordan. He said people have very, very high standards of me, but nobody could have the standards set as high as I set them for myself. Sometimes when you do that you get let down the most, but if you keep striving to be the best you can possibly be, the more effective you will also be.

04:12 – 05:25  – What Needs to be Done Today Gets Done Today

Number four is that they make sure, this is the top performing people, they make sure that what needs to be done today gets done today. How big is your list? Sometimes my list is really big and maybe a lot of it I have to do it myself. As long as you’re prioritizing and in this sense you know what needs to be done today. You might simply number or highlight the things that need to be done today and you make sure that they get done.

In the program I mentioned that I ran last week, one of the gentlemen who had this great work ethic, said that when he got home he realized that he hadn’t called a customer after he said to him that he would follow up on this particular day. What made it worse was that he didn’t have the number with him, so he drove, and it was quite a drive back to the office. He had to open the office up, got the gentleman’s details and gave him a phone call. I believe it was seven thirty at night or something like that. How’s that for keeping to your word? How big are you at keeping to your word? It builds trust and the trust goes up if you follow through on what you say or do, and it goes down when you don’t. Therefore I recommend to really make sure what needs to be done tonight gets done today.

05:26 – o7: 32 – Make Things Simple (Easy)

The number 5 strategy of the top-performing people is that they make things and they make an effort to make things simple and simpler. Do you have a strategy in place in your business to follow up your customers for example. Could the way you do it be simplified? Could the actual process be simplified too? When you do it could it be at a set time each day or week? I’ve mentioned this in a previous video.

You know I’ve looked and I’m continually looking and simplifying various systems in my own business. I want to know that a five year old could do some of the things that could be seen as quite complex. We’ve asked various questions to simplify various systems. Things like, what is the system or process? Why do we use it? Who is responsible for actioning it?  How do we use it?  Then there will be step 1, step 2, step 3 and step four. Also, because some people learn in different ways, For example, I’m a very visual. A lot of people are quite visual, so we have links in the process with videos on how to do it whatever the activity is. It’s the same as the steps potentially but it’s in video and then people can also get audio if they process more easily that way.

So really make things as simple as you can but not simpler, Einstein said that. And the follow-up thing that I will leave you with today is; and what a great question to think about when you think about your customers. Ask yourself the question, how can I make my customers life simpler or easier? If you are continually looking at that then customers are going to love you, because you know a lot of people want things yesterday, and to we want things to be quick, we want things to be easy. Therefore, the more helpful you can be in the process or it might be getting your systems right; they will love you more and more, they will keep coming back, give you the money, give you the service, give you the consistency that you probably crave in your business.

07:34 – 07:47 – Closing

Hopefully this was beneficial to you. I’m Adrian Law and I will be back very soon with the next 5 things that top performers do on a consistent basis.

Bye for now.