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How to Sell Anything to Anybody


07:00 – 0:40 Introduction

04:42 – 02:03 Tailor Your Presentation

2:04 – 03:14 Rejection and Objections

3:15 – 04:12 Be Persisent and Consistent

4:13 – 5:50 Have FUN! – Be Creative

5:51 – 6:50 Go the Extra Mile



07:00 – 0:40 Introduction

Hi, it’s Adrian Law here from ‘ and best selling author of I Need to Change a Couple of Things.

Today I’ve got the second part of ‘The Top 10 Things That the Best Performers do on a Consistent, if not daily basis so you can apply them as well. I’ve entitled this ‘How to Sell Anything to Anybody.’

Now, if you haven’t seen the first one have a look at my blog. If you have you’ll notice that the first 5 are about what the best performers do internally and today is about what they do for their customers or prospects. Let’s get into it.


04:42 – 02:03 Tailor Your Presentation

Number 6 in the top 10 things the best performers do is that they tailor their presentations really well.’

Now that might sound really simple as most of these are, but most people don’t do it. It’s simply asking good quality questions of your prospect or customers. Finding out what it is that they need and want and delivering that back to them in your presentation.

When I say that most people aren’t doing this, this is not just me talking here.  I was chatting to Ian Elliot on the weekend, who is the ex CEO of George Patterson’s , the largest advertising agency here in Australia.

Ian is the author of ‘Stop Bitching, Start Pitching.’  Ian was saying that even though it sounds really fundamental, that’s what set him apart from his competitors.

For example, Ian would go into a board room of different executives and he wanted to know what their KPI’s were. Hardly anyone else did that. He wanted to know what was really important to the company. He also found out something that was important to each of the executives.

Then, in his pitch or his presentation he would make sure that something that he said struck a cord with each and everyone of them. This is what he believes set him a part and made him so successful in what he did.


2:04 – 03:14 Rejection and Objections


Number 7 on the list is that the top performers overcome objections really easily and confidently.

A lot of people, especially when they are new in business I find, when an objection comes up or they get negative feedback it can holt them and stops them in their tracks.

They get devastated. We’ve all been there, we’ve received some negative feedback. Some of us take it to heart, maybe others not so much. One of the things the top performers do is accept rejection if you like and objections as part of their role. It’s part of life.

They might simply ignore the objection or acknowledge it and then simply stick to their process or their game plan. Hopefully you have a game plan. Stick to that, keep following through, acknowledge it, understand it, show empathy and then show how you can overcome it and how you are different.

The interesting thing is that in most cases if people have objections and you can overcome them, the customer is more likely to come back to you. Seven times more likely than if you ignore the objection completely and kind of hide from it.


3:15 – 04:12 Be Persisent and Consistent

Number 8 from the top 10 things that the best performers do is two things. They are persistent and consistent. Now being persistent does not mean being pushy. There’s a fine line though isn’t there between being persistent and being pushy.

Persistent is sticking to your outcome. If you are going to pick up the phone for example. It could be a prospecting call or even if you have to call a company, it could be a supplier. If you are clear on your outcome, which is usually step number 1, in fact it’s pretty much always step number 1. It’s being persistent with sticking to that.

It’s being persistent with your goals, your dreams, even if you get the knock backs.

The second part of that is being consistent. This is a real key, I’ve talked about this before. Simple things done consistently well, over time produce massive, massive results.

The top performers are persistent and their consistent.


4:13 – 5:50 Have FUN! – Be Creative

The final one that the top performers do is that they  – Have Fun!!

You’ll be happy to know that. The best performers have a lot of fun, they enjoy the process. They make it enjoyable for their customers and prospects as well.

One of the things that I’ve done around being creative is, sometimes if people have bought a product of mine, lets’s say that is’ one of my top selling DVD’s or my book. A lot of people have been buying that of late.

What I’ve been doing is going on to my iPhone. It’s an iPhone 5 but you can do this with any smart phone. You switch it to the video mode, and then you flip it around so it’s facing yourself.

Then what I’ve done is simply looked into the video, I’ve pressed record. I’ve just said ‘Hi Andrew it’s Adrian here. I just wanted to say that I’ve got an e-mail here saying that you purchased my new book. Thank-you very much, I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to your feedback.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.’

Then I simply press stop, and then you can forward that via e-mail immediately. Imagine this -Andrew opens up his e-mail. There’s an e-mail personally from me, but it’s not just a text e-mail, it’s not just an auto responder. It’s actually a video, a personal video.

I’ve received so many thank-you e-mails in return.

The latest one was from a gentleman called Paul, so hi Paul if your reading this. His first response was WOW! Adrian, not only a message but a personal video message. You’ve put my faith back in good old customer service. That’s pretty much how Paul started his message.

Be creative with what you are doing, have a lot of fun with it.


5:51 – 6:50 Go the Extra Mile

The final part of step number 10 is that the top performers go the extra mile for the client or the prospect.

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be that massive, but it’s just doing the things that other people won’t do, perhaps because they are lazy or they don’t think that it’s worth it.

That extra message, that little bit of extra value or service that you give customers.

You know there’s only two types of service that people talk about. One is really bad, the other is fantastic. No one talks about average service. When was the last time you went to a movie or a restaurant and you say ‘Hey hey’ to a friend. You’ve got to go see this movie I saw last night as it was really average!  You just don’t do that.

You’d tell them if it was great or if it was really bad.

So where do you want to be? Do you want to be average? Do you want to be really bad? I imagine because your reading these words, that you want to be top of the pile, and it doesn’t take much, it’s just those little things.

If you apply the top 10 things that the best performers do, do you think your results will increase?

Of course they will..


6:51 – 7:16 Closing

If you have any questions, please let me know. Please leave a comment also, I’d love to hear from you. What you think, what you like, what you don’t. All that kind of stuff. I’m happy to improve myself.

I’m Adrian Law from ‘The Academy of Positive Change’ and we’ll see you soon.

Bye for now.