Setting Your Business Foundations

Setting Your Business Foundations

0:11 – 0:59 Introduction
1:00 – 2:42 Clear Vision
2:43 – 5:42 How to Inspire Through Your Mission Statement
5:43 – 8: 38 Writing Your Core Values
8:39 – 9:02 – Closing


0:11 – 0:59 Introduction

Hi, it’s Adrian Law here from I trust that you’re well. Today I’ve got not one, not two but three key strategies for you to set great business foundations. Once you apply these strategies, not only will you be clearer, you’ll have more focus and therefore more energy. You’ll have smoother sailing waters also. It took me a long time to get my head around this personally. But once I did, its just been so much easier as we’re going forward. So what are these three things?

Well, it might not be rocket science, some of them if not all of them you will be familiar with, but in my experience most companies either don’t do it or if they do, they don’t do it very well. Don’t let yourself be one of these people and take the time to apply what I’m about to share with you.


1:00 – 2:42 Clear Vision
The first strategy is to have a vision for your business. Maybe this is not new for you but your vision is where your going, where you are heading. There’s a lot of people and organizations that don’t have this or think that far ahead. It’s really worth it’s weight in gold for you to have a clear vision, however I’m not going to give you a set of time for this, some people set their vision just one year in advance, or maybe two or three years, even five years. Some people may do seven or ten.

Personally, my recommendation is to do three to five years and what you do is a little bit like setting goals, in that you write how you want to be in let’s say three years, but you write it in the present tense.  That is as if you’d already achieved it.

You might include things like your turnover as a business, lifestyle choice, your family, the type of life that you want to create for yourself, whether that involves traveling, or giving back to the community. Maybe for you it’s doing some charity work or it could include awards that you may have won or the team that you have and what size it has grown to. It could include a whole heap of things that is up to your discretion.

Really focusing on how you’d like to be is so important because this is your life and business we’re talking about here and you don’t want to be tied to a desk. You can create a vision for your business and create the future in advance. Once you do this you are on to a really good thing so at least start this process and refine it as you go.


2:43 – 5:42 How to Inspire Through a Mission Statement

Strategy number two goes in line with your vision and this is to have a mission statement. Now again, a lot of companies have a mission statement, but to be honest, most of them are (yawn) very, very boring. This particular stage, I’d really like you to send me your comments, feedback or your questions because a lot of people struggle not only with their vision which is a big one, but with their mission statement as well. For a strong mission statement I recommend having something nice and short, concise, and also something that inspires you and your team.

For example, the company Lion Nathan which is a large brewery, had their mission statement exactly how most businesses have theirs. That is it wanted to be the biggest and the best, the largest in the southern hemisphere, something like that and again a bit (yawn)boring.

This mission didn’t really inspire anyone. A lot of companies talk about having the best customer service and that kind of thing. Anyway, they changed it and what they came up with was genius. Their mission statement now, is – ‘To Make The World a More Sociable Place. Remember, this is a brewery we’re talking about and how many drinks, how many beers does it take to make the world a more sociable place? Just one!

Therefore, they can achieve this each and every day, it’s simple. They’re not looking for world peace here and for many people it makes them smile. It made me smile and many of the people I’ve shared it with. It also made the employees want to get out of bed in the morning, because their now making the world a more sociable place!

What could your mission statement be? Even if you’re just man, or a one woman band, it’s very important to have a vision and have a strong mission statement.  You can start with the mission statement first if you find that easier, but make sure that you have them because they are in line with each other and again will give you that clarity.

So what could mission statement be? What encompasses what you do on a daily basis? Remember, we’re not looking for the big picture here. We’re not looking to necessarily be the biggest and the best and take over the world. You might be but what is it that you can do on a daily basis?

So here at The Academy of Positive Change, our mission statement is – ‘To Make The World a More Positive Place.’ Again its something that we can do, and I believe we do every single day. From the conversations that we have, the videos that we give out, our products, from the seminars that we run. All it takes is one conversation, to help somebody in some small way and we’ve achieved our mission. That’s the power in this. Have a think, send me your questions, send me your ideas, I’m happy to help you refine them. Just make a comment on below or if you’re listening to the podcast go to lawtosuccess which is our facebook page.


5:43 – 8: 38 Writing Your Core Values

The third strategy, after you’ve got your vision and mission statement down is to get clear on your values.

Today, I’m talking about company values, not necessarily your personal values although they may cross over a little bit. Your company values are what incorporates and encompasses what you’re about as an organization.

I’ve been refining our values lately and I spoke to my staff members about them. I wanted their input and I wrote them first and then asked them to see what they liked, what they didn’t like, in order to see if they wanted to add or remove anything. For an example simply go to and have a look at our values to give you ideas for your own values.

As I mentioned I shared them with my team, got their input, and once we were clear, I actually asked them,”Can I call you on it if you’re not living up to our values.” After they said, yes, I replied with,”You’re more than welcome to call me on these values as well, if I’m not adhering to them.” So all of a sudden, would it make sense that, if let’s say one of my staff members isn’t living up to the values that we’ve set, then I can have a conversation with them a but it’s now bigger than a conversation that’s just between me and him or her.

It’s actually on a much larger scale now as we are talking about what we’re about as an organization, what we want to live each and every day, who we want to be as people. So what is it for you? Again I recommend keeping it as simple as possible and I recommend that you have a maximum of 6-8 values. It’s great if you can remember them. Somebody says, what’s your values and you can just reel them of the tip of the tongue.

It’s a really powerful thing to do. And again this is not about what you think you should be, but more about what you want to be. It’s how you differ in the marketplace, the value that you give to customers, whether you want to strive to excellence, or the service that you give. Whether its about the communication internally that you do, or contribution potentially.

There’s a whole array of different values and again if you send me your values by making a comment, I’m more than happy to help you out and answer your questions . I’ve got a client at the moment that’s going through their own values and just by sending me the heading without the little blur behind it, I was able to help him refining just a little bit and make it easier for moving forward.


8:39 – 9:02 – Closing

Hopefully, this has been of use to you. It’s going to be more value if you do comment and ask questions so do that below, but also start getting your vision, mission statement and your values in place, and once you do,  I promise you, it’s more than worth it. I hope you’ve enjoyed and benefited from this. I’m Adrian Law from and we’ll see you soon.