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I Need to Change a Couple of Things


If you like to read, here’s the transcript of this short annimation video :)

Hi, How are you doing? My name is Theo and I quickly want to share with you a remarkable new book called “I Need To Change A Couple of Things”. Here’s what happened to me. I used to go to work and I really hated it. I’d go home and my wife would complain. We’d argue and I end up sleeping on the spare bed. “I hate my job. I’ll be better off single. I ‘m so stressed. I NEED TO CHANGE A COUPLE OF THINGS!.”


Then something remarkable happened. “No, Theo. It’s Morpheus. Didn’t you see the Matrix? I have a red pill and a blue pill. I was decisive and took the red pill. It was the book “I Need To Change A Couple of Things”. I read it in record time. I absorbed it. It was so easy to read and so empowering. I woke up and felt different. My boss was smiling. My work was rewarding. My boss shook my hand and gave me a bonus.

I went home, my wife looked gorgeous and was so happy to see me. After reading this amazing book, I now feel great and excited about my life. It’s ¬†available internationally at Amazon.com, iTunes, Barnes and Nobel and other leading book outlets.

So, which pill are you going to take. The red pill or the blue pill? Go on, take the red one! All you have to do is Change a Couple of Things.