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How to Write a Book in 5 Days

0:00 – 1:17 Red Means Go
1:18 – 2:27 Tips When Writing a Book
2:28 –  3:23 #1 in New and Noteworthy Business Book
3:24 – 4:51 How to be an Authority


0:00 – 1:17 Red Means Go

readmeansgoHi, it’s Adrian Law from I am very excited today as I’m with a very good friend of mine, Carl Taylor. Carl is a young entrepreneur. He is a #1 selling author. He is also the founder of Business Builders Academy.

Adrian: Hi Carl!

Carl: Hey

Adrian: Thanks for doing the interview.

Carl: My pleasure.

Adrian: Carl has done many exceptional things. He might look young, he is young, but what he has done is remarkable. Today, what I want to talk about is that he wrote his book in just 5 days, which is remarkable. First question. I’d love to know what your book is about. It called Red means Go.

Carl: Red Means Go is basically saying don’t stop. Go, go, go! You’re in one place, you want to get somewhere else. How do you bridge that gap? How do you get there? The main thing is keep pushing through. It’s life experiences. It’s strategies on how I lived my life up to this day.

Adrian: Fantastic. What is your plan to write it so quickly.

Carl: No, I just kind of started and it just snowballed from there. I just keep writing and writing and before I knew it, it was finished. I did it so quickly but I had no idea how long the book was going take to write.

1:18 – 2:27 Tips When Writing a Book

Adrian:  There’s a lot of people that I’ve spoken to. I’m sure that there are a lot of viewers right now or listeners that would love to write a book. You know, I’ve written a book. Lots of our friends have written books too.

What would you say to somebody that you know might written half of it or they think that they got a book within them. What sort of tips would you give? You’ve done it. What would you say?

Carl: The biggest tip if you are going to write a book is to map it out beforehand. Know ultimately what you are going to talk about. Know what those different chapters are because the big thing was I didn’t stop. When I got to writers block, I just moved to another chapter. I could only do that because I knew the entire map of what it was going all about.

The Biggest tip is don’t stop and know what you are talking about which allows  to just keep moving on. Don’t take breaks. Not even 10 minutes to make toast or coffee. Just keep writing.

Adrian: That’s if you are wanting to write a book in 5 days :)

Carl: Sure.

Adrian: What I did is I got posted notes on a big white board in my office. The posted notes along the top were the  chapter headings for the entire book, and the posted notes underneath each heading was the content that I wanted in that chapter. I found that really helpful. It’s very visual, and I am very visual, so it worked really well.

2:28 –  3:23 #1 in New and Noteworthy Business Book

itunesAdrian: What about, when I first met you, the first few times actually, I thought who’s this kid who has done all these stuff? Then I heard that you wrote a book in 5 days and I am thinking, how good can it be? Do you hear that a lot?

Carl: Yes, that is a good question.

Adrian: What do you say to people who say that?

Carl: Look, I’ve read a lot of crap books. There is plenty of crap out there, but my book went to #1 in New and Noteworthy Business Books in iTunes which was amazing.Adrian: That’s fantastic!Carl: That happened in the first four weeks of release. I get emails from people all over the world saying, “Thank you so much, It changed my life.”,”It’s amazing.” “I’ve now achieved this or that.” “It’s incredible.” I just put it out there.

A lot of people get my free gifts. I have some bonus gifts that I give away. They can only do that once they’ve bought the book. If they enjoyed it, they can ask me for more content. That’s what I say to that question, I suppose.Adrian: Ok. That’s great. I read the book and it’s fantastic.

Carl: Thank you

3:24 – 4:51 How to be an Authority

Adrian: I’ve got my own experiences, but for yourself, being an author what that’s done for you?

Carl: Being an author is one of the most powerful strategies to help position yourself. Straight away, when you say I’m an author, or even better when you are a number 1 author. It’s like when you become an award winning entrepreneur. People now look at you very differently.

Actually, It’s quite a bizarre feeling that is so powerful. It is so powerful in marketing in your business. If you are in business and you have got a book or you’re a coach or something that people tend  to trust you, you are automatically saying that you are the authority.

Adrian: I highly recommend you to write a book because if you have that authority, people will take your seriously. People and the media will be more interested in speaking to you. I highly recommended it. If you can do it in five days like Carl did, that would be fantastic!

Carl: No Excuses.

Adrian: No excuses, exactly! What I get from Carl is he is an action taker. We’ve all got excuses of being of busy, we don’t have time, we’re working, the family but you just did it. You made a priority and got it done. Thank you very much Carl.

Carl: My pleasure

Adrian: It was a quick interview but it was great having you here. I hope you enjoyed that? I am Adrian Law from and We’ll see you soon.