How to Sell With Words, Polish Your "Sales Skills"

How to Sell With Words

0:11 – 01:42 – Introduction

0:56 – 1:22 Words that SELL

1:23 – 2:38 – Engage and Motivate

2:39 – 4:31 You’re Talking to Only One Person at a Time

4:32 – 4:41 Closing



0:11 – 01:42 – Introduction

Hi it’s Adrian Law here from and today I’ve got somebody extremely special to introduce you to. Jessie Forest is Australia’s leading copywriter.

Basically what that means is, if you don’t know the term is, he writes words that sell. It’s extremely important for your emails, your websites, for the different areas that you are writing in whether that’s articles or those sort of things.

Today, I’m going to ask Jessie about his tips and the biggest mistakes people make in reference to their website. So welcome Jessie.

Jessie: Thank you Adrian, It’s a pleasure to be here.
0:56 – 1:22 Words that SELL

Adrian: What a great environment to be in, here in the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Just a few quick questions, you are a copywriter, did I explain the definition correctly?

Jessie: You did! And I do write content, I can write articles. People hire me because they are selling something on the internet, on their websites and they want me to write the words on those websites that are going to influence, motivate and inspire their ideal customer to come and buy whatever it is that they’re are selling. I help people increase their sales by writing effective and persuasive copy or text for websites.


1:23 – 2:38 – Engage and Motivate

Adrian: Fantastic! Now I have to say I have several websites. When I first looked and heard about copywriters, I spoke to  a few different people and the amount of money that guys like you can charge, I was like ‘oh that’s expensive, I’ll do it myself!’ However, I’ve seen the difference it makes from having a professional not just in copywriting but in various areas. But when you’re writing something that’s actually going to make you sales, it’s priceless! It’s therefore difficult to put a monetary value on it. What you do is very much needed. It’s great.

Jessie: It’s kind of like, if you imagine it as a salesperson. You have a business, you’re the business owner. No one knows the business better than you do, ultimately. But when you’re so busy running your business doing everything else and you want to bring in sales and let’s say you’re in an industry where you would hire a sales person. Now that salesperson is going to hopefully be an investment because they are going to spend a lot of time researching what your business is, about your products, they’re going to find out everything. And then, they’re going to find out what is unique about it. So that when they’re in front of a customer, they’re going to know the right language to use to get that customer to excited. Yes it sounds like a great deal, all of these benefits, they are going to want to buy it.

Adrian: So that’s what you do in words?

Jessie: I’m a salesman in print, yes!


2:39 – 4:31 You’re Talking to Only One Person at a Time

Adrian: What would you say is the few biggest mistakes that people make when they put their website together?

Jessie: The common things across the board, I’m going to be a little bit generic here because I don’t know who’s reading this, it could be any business owner from any industry.

But the common mistake is not talking to the visitors. I’m talking about writing. When someone writes the websites, often they write all about themselves and all about the business. Things like how great they are etc but they  spend no time with what I call WIFI ‘What’s in it for me’

They don’t use words like ‘you’ or they don’t talk about what the customers are going to get, or the benefits they’re going to receive from doing business with them. They say things like ‘we’ve been in the business for 25 years,’ ‘we have the best customer support’, ‘we are the greatest in the industry’. As opposed to saying things that you are going to give to the customer or, why is it they will benefit if they do business with you.

Adrian: One of the things that I learned was, you’re actually talking to just one person. I know it’s a website and there may be thousands of people viewing it, but it’s only one person at a time. You’re actually having a conversation with that person, hence, write and put yourself in the persons shoes.

Jessie: Yes, You’re talking to the person and it’s a one on one conversation and often they are a skeptical prospect. How you talk, what language to use, to inspire them to want to buy your stuff.

So ultimately, the best things I can do is to use lots of benefits instead of features, you can use languaging that is talking to one person and you can really focus on why they are special or their process is special as compared to their competition. So what makes you unique or special, and why they should buy from you and not just from anybody else.

4:32 – 4:41 Closing

Adrian: Great! So hopefully you got some few little tips there to increase your sales on your website, thank you very much Jessie. I’m Adrian Law, we’ll see you soon. Bye fore now