How To Live Stress Free And Happy by The Academy of Positive Change

How To Live Stress Free And Happy


0:10 – 0:27 How To Enjoy Life A Lot More
0:28 – 1:12 The Power of Your Eyes
1:13 – 2:27 How To Live Stress Free And Happy
2:27 -3:43 What Are You Focusing On?
3:43 – 5:52 How To Get A Bottle of Dessert Wine For Free


0:10 – 0:27 How To Enjoy Life A Lot More


Hi, It’s Adrian Law here from The Academy of Positive Change. Today’s short video is on how to live stress free and happy. That is living in the moment and really connecting with other people because, when you do that you enjoy life a lot more, it’s certainly less stressful and your results actually increase.


0:28 – 1:12 The Power of Your Eyes


Rule 101 is get rid of your sunglasses when meeting people. Your eyes are the windows to the soul and they tell you a lot about not only yourself but other people. A little exercise for you to do, is to notice when you shake somebody’s hand when you meet them.

Do you look in their eyes when you do that? You might think you do but in most programs that I run around sales and rapport building, I actually go around and shake everybody’s hand in the group, if the group isn’t too large. It’s amazing how many people don’t look at me.

What does it tell you about somebody if they don’t look at you?  Maybe a lack of confidence, maybe they are not trustworthy. They probably are but it’s the perception that’s given off so make sure that you look at somebody when you’re speaking to them.


1:13 – 2:27 How To Live Stress Free And Happy


In reference to being present and living in the moment, your mind is not designed that way. It’s actually designed believe or not, to think about the future or the past. It takes a little bit of effort to be right here and right now, especially in your busy lifestyle, if you got children, if you got a heavy workload, a social life, or other family, it’s not easy to be present. It’s simple but it’s not easy.

sailsToday’s video is all about how to live stress free and happy. If you experience stress or anxiety. Think about this. These emotions, stress and anxiety can only be experienced when you’re thinking about the future because they’re future based emotions. You can’t get stressed in the present moment, if you’re with me right here, right now, because you’re not thinking about the things that you were stressing about.

You can’t even get stressed about the past. What you can do is take an event from the past. Let say, hypothetically that you lied to your partner or friend. No, not you, those other people.:) But hypothetically, if you lied to somebody and you’re worried or concerned what will happen if they find out, you’re now thinking about the future and hence it’s a future based emotion if you experienced stress.

Things like regret is past based emotion. You can’t be regretful if you’re living in the present moment. So, what can you do and what can you avoid to be able to live in the present moment? Well, stress is on the up and up. Studies show that people are becoming more and more stressful, but it’s not the events that cause the stress. It’s how you react to those events. Jim Rohn said beautifully when he said “You can’t control the wind but you can control how you set your sails.”


2:27 -3:43 What Are You Focusing On?


beautifulThese might be different for you but for myself if I get a good night sleep, I’m more present. If I drink lots of water, I am more present. If I exercise, right now I’m at Bondi Beach, I come down here most mornings when I’m in Sydney and I go for a run. This makes me more present. Meditation really helps.

Being focus when you’re speaking to somebody. Even little things like if somebody is talking to you and you notice that you’re not listening, or you notice that you are not present, this helps you become more present, so really focus on that and enjoy life.

Focus on the moment because there are so many beautiful things that are happening around you on a daily basis, but often it’s easy to forget that and get caught up with other stuff.


3:43 – 5:52  How To Get A Bottle of Dessert Wine For Free


A presentation that I did last week for some friends of mine was conducted in front of some tradies. Now that might be an Aussie term for the rest of my friends that are in America, in the UK, or anywhere else where that term is not known, a tradie is quite simply a trades person which could be a builder, or a carpenter or something like that.

Anyway, I presented and afterwards I got something in the mail. I received a beautiful box which I have here and when I opened it up, to my surprise there was a beautiful bottle of dessert wine, one of my favorites actually. This wine was for giving the talk. My presentation was on how to live stress free and happy hence why I mentioned it. I also got a thank-you card.

In other videos, I’ve mentioned a lot about the importance of creating WOW’s in your business. To your customers whether they have purchased from you or not. Receiving this wine and card is a real wow, I want to thank Andy and Angela Smith for this. I haven’t even told them yet because I only received this yesterday. They also wrote a beautiful note and I might read some of it now, if that’s okay?

“Dear Adrian,

A heartfelt thank you for sharing how to live stress free and happy life experience as the theme with our gang of crazy fun-loving tradies at our lifestyle tradie boot camp 2013. In short, they loved you and we did too. Check out some of the comments from the feedback form on the back of this card and if we can return the favor in anyway, let us know seriously.

Andy and Angie”

There were many speakers at this event but here are some of the feedbacks about myself.

“Thank you Adrian, be present and think positive. Maybe I need to adjust my rules for success.”

“Adrian was my favorite presenter. I need to change my mindset with office work.”

“Adrian was great to remind us that it’s so easy to get lost in everything and it’s good to remember to live.”

That is my message for you today. Be present, live in the moment, enjoy the moment and have a great day! I am Adrian Law from the Well see you soon. Bye for now


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